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What is this site about?

  • This is a website set-up by a regular consumer to detail his on-going experiences of LPG (Autogas) converting his vehicle in the United Kingdom.

  • In March 2006, I decided to have my car LPG converted and chose Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG based on the information provided on his website and his posts on an LPG discussion forum.
  • The conversion by Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG turned out to be a complete disaster - extremely messy, damage to engine parts, not working correctly (loss of power, stalling) and un-safe.

  • When it became evident that the conversion was not done properly and 'patching up' would not do, Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG and his supplier turned nasty - refusing any remediation or refund.
  • Over £2000 out-of-pocket plus the time taken to drive back-and-forth and the stress of having my car ruined, I decided that I had enough of this rogue trader so I set about getting my money back, getting my car fixed and converted by a decent company and setting up this website to ensure that potential customers out there learn from my terrible experience - this is my story!

  • 9 years and over 150,000 miles later, my second conversion is running fantastically well and Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG is still digging by alledging conspiracies and grudges against him by a variety of individuals and organisations roll eyes as well as by launching various smear campaigns against myself - when all this simply could have been solved by converting the car properly in the first place, or just putting things right and saying sorry - clearly, doing a good job and putting customer service first are not part of the Mr Steven P Sparrow and Go LPG business model.
  • Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG further claims that this website and the description of events are lies and the evidence is 'manufactured' - why then has it not been taken down by the companies (independent reports) who slated Mr Sparrow's work and furthermore, why did he not follow through with his idle legal threats and have this website taken down years ago? This is because he has NO SUBSTANTIATING FACTS or EVIDENCE to dispute all the facts and evidence that I have posted and he knows he would be laughed out of court should he be stupid enough to follow through with litigation (which is why he stopped at threatening letters but continues to post pathetic rants online). Seriously.. let it go dude! roll eyes


Purpose and Objectives

The main purpose and objective of this website is to help the average car owner make an informed decision about LPG converting their vehicle - a decision that is not to be taken lightly given the cost involved and the potential of entering what is largely a unregulated sub-industry of the motor-trade in the UK. However, when done properly, a good LPG conversion can potentially save you thousands of pounds.

On this website you will find a stage by stage account of experiences with substantiating evidence at every stage. What you will not find are personal attacks or 'dirty tricks' to undermine any individual or organisation mentioned on this website. The primary aim of this website is to focus on cars and LPG and to this end, LPGinfo has set up the Discussion Forum which now makes up the bulk of the site.




Stage 1 - First (disastrous) conversion

Stage 2 - Putting things right

Stage 3 - Legal Threats and Court

Stage 4 - Other victims of Go LPG come out