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Having now seen the bad (and some good) of what LPG can be like for a car, I decided to keep the faith and convert properly. I started ringing around and visiting several installers around the country in order to decide who to do the installation with. Yes, this time, I wanted an installer who I could actually take part in the installation with and do some maintenance checks/work on the vehicle whilst the inlet manifold was off. As part of this process, I needed an installer who could help me to remove the Romano N system and was happy in me suppling all new (original BMW) parts where necessary. Furthermore, I wanted an installer who was most familiar with the system(s) they were installing, had done similar cars and were willing to remove the inlet manifold as normal practice for this conversion.

My call to Alternatech and their Commercial Director, Mr Will Putter, was very reassuring. Alternatech are the main suppliers of the Prins VSI system in the UK. In addition, they provide training to install the system as well as carrying out installations themselves.

Over a period of several weeks, Will was happy to talk me through all my questions about the Prins VSI system and their installation practices. In addition, Will was happy to send me pictures of the conversion carried-out on his own BMW X5 4.4i which shares the same engine as my vehicle. Along with this, Will sent me rolling road (dynamometer) reports of how the car performed on LPG - amazingly well.

Alternatech Fuel Systems Ltd


Prins VSI system

Having been badly burnt by Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG, I asked Will if I could, initially, bring my vehicle down to them so I could show them what had been done by Go LPG and how I wanted things put right. Will arranged for me to meet Bruce who talked me through how they would remove the existing system and how they planned to do the installation of the Prins VSI system. Bruce was more than happy for me to help with the installation and carry out maintenance work on the vehicle (valley pan, crank case ventilation valve, new coolant hoses etc) whilst the inlet manifold was off. In addition, another key member of their team, Mr David King, would help to rectify the wiring back to how it should be.

Filled with confidence that this is what LPG conversion should be about, I went ahead and did the conversion with Alternatech. Details are available on the 'Pics & description' page.

Over 150,000 miles later.. things are sweet and i've only had to replace the single vapouriser once.

Please note: LPGinfo have no commercial affiliation with Alternatech Fuel Systems Ltd, or anyone else. However, readers of this website are welcome to contact Alternatech Fuel Systems Ltd as they removed the system installed by Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG.