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GoLPG dodgy mechanic


A beautiful 2001 BMW 540i Auto Sport Saloon - Cosmos Black Metallic.

I bought this car in March 2006 as I had started a job in Berkshire which was a considerable distance from my home city of Birmingham where my retired and partially disabled parents live.

I needed a reliable and powerful motorway cruiser which also had a turn of speed (when required) and the ability to take a corner or two - this car fitted the bill exactly! Note: I have ZERO penalty points on my licence.

Standard BHP: 286 (at the fly-wheel)

Standard torque: 320 Ft-Lbs

Having read about LPG conversion, I decided to have my vehicle converted very soon after purchase. As most drivers who consider this decision, the main motive was to save money when doing large mileages. My only mistake was choosing Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG to do the conversion.

In the on-going saga that was to ensue in trying to get Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG to put my vehicle right, my father fell increasingly ill and at one of the main times in my life that I needed a reliable car, I was let down.. my father passed away.