Who is Go LPG?

Who is Go LPG?

Mr Steven P Sparrow is the owner/proprietor of Go LPG (SPS Enterprises on official receipts) and allegedly a reputable LPGA Approved LPG Engineer. Go LPG is based in Droitwich Spa (Worcestershire, UK) and although it says on his website (yes, I say his as it is essentialy a one-man-band) that they do not publish his site/workshop address, it is publicly available on the Internet.

Go LPG's website claims all sorts of wonderful LPG conversions and many satisfied customers. However, as can be seen from the pictures and reports I have posted of my own direct dealings with Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG; the truth is far different!

Go LPG's conversion on my vehicle was INDEPENDENTLY PROVEN to be unsatisfactory, unsafe and failed the LPGA's own safety inspection as well the LPGA COP-11 Code of Practice guidelines!

Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG has always stated the following on which his defence has been built:

  1. He stated that his conversion on my vehicle was safe and complied with LPGA COP-11 Code of Practice guidelines. WRONG - it failed an Independent LPGA inspection and an inspection by an Independent BMW Specialist.

  2. He stated that no complaint to Trading Standards had ever been made. WRONG - please see the Trading Standards section.

  3. He stated that no credit card company had upheld the verdict that his conversion on my vehicle was unsatisfactory, unsafe and failed the LPGA's own safety inspection as well the LPGA COP-11 Code of Practice guidelines. WRONG - please see the Credit Card Co section.

Conversion is all wrong from day 1

Right from day 1 when I collected the vehicle, things were wrong:

  1. It was completed a week later than it should have been done (took 2 weeks in total) due to, apparently, Mr Steven P Sparrow catching a cold. You see, despite the fact that he refers to Go LPG as 'we', there is no one else that does LPG conversion apart himself with some help from a local teenager - at least, this is all I observed over many vists over many months!

  2. On day 1, the vehicle stalled on the way home - I had to call Mr Steven P Sparrow for him to instruct me to remove a pipe from the pressure sensor (under the bonnet) to relieve system pressure.

  3. The vehicle came to a halt at 65 MPH on the motorway due to the wrong heater hoses being 'teed' resulting in a frozen vapouriser and system lock-up. He put things right by using a piece of copper pipe found lieing around in his workshop to bridge the incorrectly cut heater hoses! Please refer to the image here - further pics on the Pics & description page.

  4. It took several visits (at my own cost) for Mr Steven P Sparrow to realise that the car would not run with only a single Romano N vapouriser; a second was ordered and Mr Steven P Sparrow laid it on very thick about how this was at his cost.

  5. Whichever the gear, if revved to 5K RPM the vehicle would switch back to petrol - this was never explained prior to conversion, nor is it detailed on Go LPG's website as normal LPG operation on a high powered car! So much for 'Sports and High Performance Conversions'! SWITCHING BACK TO PETROL IS NOT RECOMMENDED WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO OVERTAKE A TRUCK ON THE MOTORWAY! In addition, what if I want to take the car to Germany to drive on the unlimited speed Autobahns? This majority of the driving would have to be done on petrol as the Romano N LPG system installed by Mr Steven P Sparrow would not consistently run on LPG.

  6. Overall, I had to return to Mr Steven P Sparrow 5 times, his Romano N supplier (Autogas Worldwide Ltd) 2 times over a period of several months and at my own cost, however, the car never ran correctly.

Customer service becomes customer demeaning when things go wrong

  1. I asked to use a ratchet and socket to replace a cracked fog-light at his workshop, he later tried to discredit me on the LPG Forum to say that i was 'installing the latest accessories'.

  2. I made enquries on 'remapping' or 'chipping' my vehicle to try and get it back to the power it should be running on LPG (it had lost over 50 BHP at the wheels due to the Romano N installation by Mr Steven P Sparrow). Mr Steven P Sparrow offered to accompany me to the tuner to re-map the LPG system (at my cost), however, when he discovered this was to be using a rolling road (dynamometer), he soon backed out (as it would have shown exactly how down on power the Romano N system made the car) and later, once again, tried to discredit and demean me by stating that I wanted free work out of him.

  3. It became evident that the Romano N system could not cope with the standard power of the vehicle and it it kept switching back to petrol due to the Romano N injectors not being able to match the petrol injection times. This was discovered when undertaking the standard Romano N tuning procedure that he the installer (Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG) instructed me to follow in terms of my driving style whilst he accompanied me in the passenger seat with his laptop and Romano N software. Later, he and his supplier (Autogas Worldwide Ltd) decided to employ more 'dirty tricks' by stating that my driving style was 'extreme' and 'maniacal' (this despite the fact that Mr Steven P Sparrow told me that he has several penalty points on his licence and I have zero!)

  4. In addition, being friendly with the LPG Forum Administrator also allowed Mr Steven P Sparrow to make moves to get me banned from the forum for telling my story in the 'Tell your Story' section and posting for help in the 'Having Problems ?' section.

  5. It has recently been alleged that Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG is stating conspiracies and grudges against him by a variety of individuals and organistions. More digging..

Final try to request to put things right

I gave it one final go by requesting, in writing, that Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG either put my car right OR refund the cost of LPG conversion that he had carried out. The letter was sent by Recorded Delivery but once again, Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG never replied.


What comes to light at the end of all this is that Mr Steven P Sparrow is obviously an individual who does not like to admit he has made mistakes (whether deliberate or not) and things have gone wrong - so that he can put them right; but instead will defend to the hilt and try to demean and discredit the customer and come up with conspiracy theories even when faced with over-whelming evidence of his failures.

The only way to maintain a competitive advantage (in any industry) is to put customer service first - this is obviously not part of the Mr Steven P Sparrow or Go LPG business model.


Further info

Following are some pictures of Go LPG's site and 'workshop':

Go LPG site
Image 1

Go LPG site
Image 2
Go LPG site
Image 3
Go LPG site
Image 4
Go LPG site
Image 5
Go LPG site
Image 6
To give you a little taster, the following are some quotes from Mr Steven P Sparrow of Go LPG to provide, you, the consumer with great (false) confidence that he can convert your vehicle to run on LPG!


Thursday, November 20, 2003 - 8:23 am

1. Bring any BMW V8 to us for conversion.

2. Collect it.

3. Keep it fed with LPG (it won't be greedy).

4. In a month or two, wonder why your wallet is more full than it used to be.

5. Remember that you had it converted by us (you'd never know otherwise).


Quality is remembered long after the price.....

http://www.my90.co.uk/lpgforum/messages/1495/666.html (removed by forum admin)

Author: Steve_96
Tuesday, February 22, 2005 - 12:02 am

Get the 540i and have it converted properly.

You'll never look back.

See similar cars we have converted on our site.


Author: Go-LPG (Go_lpg)
Saturday, July 15, 2006 - 11:25 pm

We have converted just about every V8 5 7 and 8 series model they have made up to now, in various sizes. Last week we converted a 735 (2001) and a 740 (2002). One of our 740 conversion customers has just exceeded 80,000 miles on gas with no incident.

Some of these cars are shown on our website under the heading 'conversion gallery' and 'BMW'.

Take a look and one will be familiar.



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