The 'Romano' LPG system

The Romano 'N' LPG system that Go LPG fitted could not cope with the standard power and power delivery of my car. In addition, he used a 6MM copper LPG supply pipe and claims that this is more than sufficient for V8s and other high powered cars. Obviously, this does not apply to my car!

The Romano system, simply, could not deliver the right amount of gas at the right time. In addition, the way the system was installed and left in a complete mess did not help. Please bear in mind that a car with 286 BHP at the flywheel and 8 cylinders means that it only needs a single injector per cylinder with a BHP capacity of 35.75 BHP - hardly a highly-tuned car which would tax the injectors!

See below for some pictures of the 'quality' of the Romano 'N' vapouriser and injectors:


Romano - heap of junk!
Image 1

Romano - heap of junk!
Image 2
Romano - heap of junk!
Image 3
Romano - heap of junk!
Image 4
Autogas Worldwide (AGWW)

AGWW are the UK distributors of Romano systems. They are based in Newport, South Wales. Initially, I found these guys quite helpful over the phone but after two visits to them, I realised they were not prepared to do anything about the nasty LPG installation on my vehicle except 'tweak' the software with their laptop. Even with these 'tweaks', on the accompanied test drive with them the car was not performing well and kept switching back to petrol.

As soon as I started to take matters further by contacting the LPGA, Autogas Worldwide Ltd did not want to know!